To prime or not to prime?

Canal Boat - - Back Cabin - JEFF RICE, via email

QShould I ap­ply the black bi­tu­men paint di­rectly to the hull, or ap­ply a primer first such as red ox­ide? TONY REPLIES... It has been stated that red ox­ide re­duces the black­ing’s ad­he­sion but I do not know if it is true. In­ter­na­tional

A( Pri­mo­con) un­der­wa­ter primer should be okay to use un­der black­ing, but I am sure at least half of all boats have no primer. The man­u­fac­turer of the black­ing should be able to ad­vise fur­ther.

Make sure you re­ally scrub the first coat into all the rust pits; a roller is nor­mally okay for fur­ther coats. Some peo­ple either use a thin­ner prod­uct or thin the black­ing for the first coat.

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