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The three leisure bat­ter­ies on our re­cently pur­chased boat are not hold­ing a good charge for very long. Af­ter a day’s cruise they seem rea­son­able but, 24 hours later, the Eber­spächer heat­ing gives an ‘in­suf­fi­cient bat­tery volt­age’ fault. The 12v fridge doesn’t last long be­fore the com­pres­sor stops cut­ting in, but is fine with the en­gine run­ning. I as­sume one or more of the leisure bat­ter­ies needs re­plac­ing, but do you think I might also have a prob­lem with the al­ter­na­tor – per­haps a volt­age reg­u­la­tor?

Qweb­site TONY REPLIES... To be ab­so­lutely sure I need volt­age fig­ures and hy­drom­e­ter read­ings. Twelve volt com­pres­sor fridges have a safety cut-out that shuts them down if the

Avolt­age un­der start­ing load drops be­low about 11.5 volts, so you have both fridge and Eber­spächer telling you that you have flat bat­ter­ies.

To be sure of what is go­ing on I would need a bat­tery volt­age read­ing just be­fore you start up in the morn­ing and again about half an hour af­ter you shut down at the end of the day’s cruise. I would also re­quire the charg­ing amps at first start up and just be­fore you shut down at the end of the day, plus the al­ter­na­tor’s rated out­put.

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