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QI have re­placed my steng­land pack­ing as per in­struc­tions (three rings) but it still leaks wa­ter, and grease comes out when I turn the greaser.

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web­site TONY REPLIES... Grease is­su­ing from the gland of­ten in­di­cates loose ad­just­ment or de­fec­tive pack­ing rings.

Some glands use more than three rings. Keep adding rings un­til the last one, when pushed home, is just be­low the end of what­ever it is pushed into, so you can get the pusher/hol­low nut back in place. Tighten each nut in turn by an equal amount – say one flat (1/ 6th turn) – un­til you can feel the pack­ing start­ing to grip the shaft when you turn it by hand, then tighten the lock­nuts. Run the boat in gear: the gland may run warm, but if it runs hot, slacken the ad­just­ing nuts slightly.

The gland should leak wa­ter at one to two drips a minute, which stop when you use the greaser. If you

Acan­not stop the leaks by ad­just­ment, you will have to look fur­ther. As­sum­ing you were ac­cu­rate when you cut the pack­ing, th­ese symp­toms could be a worn shaft, bro­ken en­gine mounts, a mis­aligned en­gine or a bent shaft. Re­move the pack­ing and use a piece of bent wire to feel the sur­face of the shaft to as­sess any wear.

En­sure there is enough pack­ing

Then tighten the gland nuts

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