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QCan I fit a calori­fier to a Sea Pan­ther diesel and, if so, where do I fit the take-off and re­turn?

web­site TONY REPLIES... Sea Pan­thers were con­ver­sions of sev­eral Ford four-cylin­der pushrod en­gines by Water­mota. It could be raw wa­ter cooled; in­di­rect (heat ex­changer) cooled; or keel cooled. It is pos­si­ble to fit a calori­fier in the last two cases. It is more com­pli­cated and might not be pos­si­ble in the first case. If the rel­e­vant take-offs have been drilled and threaded in the marine ver­sion of the head, con­nect it in the same way as the car’s heater would be.


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