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Good financial news for the boat­ing mar­ket

We like pos­i­tive news but it can oc­ca­sion­ally be hard to find on the wa­ter­ways – es­pe­cially the way things have gone in the wider econ­omy over the last eight years.

One of the big­gest in­dus­tries to suf­fer has, of course, been boat-build­ing. When RoyS­cot Larch pulled out of marine loans at Crick this year I was a tad con­cerned – your av­er­age bank looks a bit blank when you men­tion boats so where would those who don’t have a rich old Aunt Maud tucked away in the back­ground find the cash to fi­nance their dreams? In­deed, we’ve been asked this quite a few times re­cently.

So here’s the good news: two new com­pa­nies have set up shop to of­fer marine fi­nance (best not say mort­gage), specif­i­cally in­clud­ing canal and river boats whether me­tal or glass­fi­bre (see page 7).

Ob­vi­ously I’m not a financial ad­vi­sor (sim­ply say­ing to peo­ple “buy a boat” isn’t a good enough ‘qual­i­fi­ca­tion’, ap­par­ently) and I don’t know whether the deals they of­fer will make financial sense to your bud­get, but the move po­ten­tially brings fresh money into the mar­ket, which is some­thing all in­dus­tries need to flour­ish.

Now that re­ally is wel­come news.

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