If you have guests on board, this is a quick dessert to make which is light and refreshing

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If you have guests on board, this is a light and refreshing dessert to serve them

We spent some time this sum­mer on the de­light­ful River Avon. The last time we were on this river our trip was fraught with dis­as­ter.

It was our first nar­row­boat hol­i­day, 30 plus years ago and quickly be­came our last for many years af­ter a few too many in­ci­dents as we tried to get to grips with boat­ing, in­volv­ing both the chil­dren and dog fall­ing in. Thank­fully, they didn’t in­volve the A& E depart­ment of the lo­cal hos­pi­tal but, at the time, they cer­tainly got the heart rac­ing.

Hav­ing young chil­dren on a boat on a river is not that re­lax­ing for any par­ent or grand­par­ent. At least the canals are mostly shal­low at the edges and some­times not even that deep in the mid­dle as we can tes­tify with our three foot draught.

It’s the dan­ger that the locks bring that I hate, es­pe­cially when you see very young chil­dren left to walk over the lock gates on their own. We have heard some hor­ror sto­ries from lock­keep­ers about ac­ci­dents they have wit­nessed.

Even so, friends love noth­ing more than a trip on the boat – es­pe­cially if they have chil­dren. Thank­fully, the friends who vis­ited us on the Avon had two young teenage boys and, from past ex­pe­ri­ence, that’s just the right age to help – strong enough and keen enough. In­deed, I’m sure we will have to watch out for their overea­ger de­sire to help at locks.

What I do know has to be done when you’ve teenage boys on board is to lay in plenty of food – es­pe­cially of what I’d call the ‘junk’ va­ri­ety, like crisps, sweet bis­cuits, pork pies and fizzy drinks.

How­ever, I’ve got the ‘adult’ menus all sorted for New Year’s Day and limon­cello tri­fle is top of the dessert list. It’s so easy to make and al­ways goes down really well. It’s light and refreshing and there will, hope­fully, be plenty left for an­other day.

I use a large glass tri­fle dish but, if you want to be fancy, you could make in­di­vid­ual por­tions in some large wine glasses. And, if making it for chil­dren, you can al­ways leave the limon­cello out and put a bit more lemon juice in in­stead.

So, on this sweet note, I wish all of you happy boat­ing in the New Year.

‘I use a large glass tri­fle dish but, if you want to be fancy, you could make in­di­vid­ual por­tions in a large wine glass’

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