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QWe have pur­chased a sec­ond-hand boat and are fit­ting our per­sonal items and white ap­pli­ances to it. How­ever, it’s cur­rently tilt­ing to­wards the star­board side, how do we bal­last it to cor­rect this?

AThe an­swer is sim­ple on pa­per but more dif­fi­cult in prac­tice be­cause the floor of a nar­row­boat is usu­ally fit­ted first with the bulk­heads and fixed fur­ni­ture built on top. So it’s not easy to lift ar­eas of floor.

You also need to think about where the gas bot­tles and any toi­let tanks are lo­cated be­cause a full toi­let hold­ing tank will of­ten make the boat list un­til it is emp­tied. If the gas bot­tles are off­set from the cen­tre­line they could con­trib­ute to a list, too. Most nar­row­boat fuel and wa­ter tanks are on the cen­tre­line so will not make the boat list. They will, how­ever, al­ter the fore-aft trim of the boat.

Once you are sure any list is be­ing caused by what you have put into the boat, you have two choices; re­move some bal­last from be­low the floor on the star­board side, or add bal­last to the port side.

In an ideal world you would re­move bal­last to com­pen­sate for the ex­tra weight, but it is usu­ally eas­ier to add bal­last on the other side. You will of­ten see steel or lead trim­ming bal­last on one side of the en­gine com­part­ment, ideally on the Ux­ter (swim) plate but oth­er­wise on the base­plate. Fit it as far to the port side as you can.

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