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QI keep get­ting an in­ter­mit­tent prob­lem with my boat’s horn. It works at first but ceases af­ter a few uses. If I re­move the horn and put its con­tacts di­rectly across a bat­tery, it sounds. The horn is at the front of the boat, the bat­tery at the back. Us­ing a me­ter, I can get a volt­age read­ing at the horn, so the but­ton isn’t the prob­lem. The long length of ca­ble from horn to bat­tery is suit­ably thick. Any ideas?

JEFFRICE, from the CB web­site

ATONY REPLIES... Al­though you say that the ca­ble is ‘thick enough’ I would sug­gest that it might well be un­der­sized, but to be cer­tain we would need to check the volt­age read­ings.

If you at­tempted to mea­sure the amps a horn draws when sound­ing it would likely be about half that needed to ac­tu­ally start it sound­ing, so any loss of amps or volt­age to push the amps through the horn could well re­sult in your symp­toms. If you add a bit of volt-drop along the ca­ble with lower volt­age from the bat­tery(s) this is the sort of prob­lem you can get. Some­times the horn makes a sin­gle click and noth­ing else.

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