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Drive­plates, bal­last­ing; the value of so­lar power; get­ting in trim; putting the bat­ter­ies to bed

QCould you tell me where the drive­plate is sit­u­ated and what it does? The en­gine is a 1500cc Kub­ota and we re­cently changed the gear­box from Hurth to PRM.

MAG­GIE ALLEN, via email

ATONY REPLIES... The drive­plate is bolted to the back of the fly­wheel and has the gear­box in­put shaft fit­ted through splines in the cen­tre. It not only pro­vides a sliding con­nec­tion be­tween the en­gine fly­wheel and gear­box, but also uses springs or rub­ber/ plas­tic blocks to help smooth out tor­sional os­cil­la­tions from the en­gine.

You should change the drive­plate when chang­ing a gear­box be­cause they tend to wear out over time. In any case, the splines on the Hurth box may well have been dif­fer­ent to those on the PRM. If so, that would de­mand a new drive­plate.

And this is where the drive­plate, inset, goes

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