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Strolling on the tow­path one Christ­mas eve, we over­heard from a moored boat a heated dis­cus­sion be­tween a couple strug­gling with their Christ­mas din­ner prepa­ra­tions.

And sur­pris­ingly enough, we no­ticed that their con­ver­sa­tion in­cluded the hid­den names of ten canals. Can you spot them?

Jane cursed: “I knew I couldn’t trust that @#$?%&! elec­tric oven.” “Try us­ing the back cabin range,” sug­gested Alan. “Caster sugar’s run out too – and I’ve no money left,” she added, sound­ing in­creas­ingly hys­ter­i­cal.

“Don’t worry, there’s some cash by the box for dec­o­ra­tions,” he replied re­as­sur­ingly. He joked as he handed her the cash: “Tone down your lan­guage, there are gents in here, you know!”

“I know, but I’ve for­got­ten to get any mush­rooms, too… Just the thought of making Christ­mas din­ner on the boat al­ways gives me the shud­ders.”

“Field mush­rooms will be okay, won’t they, if they were washed prop­erly?” “Sure, where did you pick them?” “Just past our bridge…”

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