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My boat is fit­ted with cen­tral heat­ing and I want to re­place the 15mm main pipe runs with 22mm poly pip­ing. Have you any sug­ges­tions on how best to con­nect the 22mm pipe to the rub­ber heater hose from the MX40, the rub­ber hose is 16mm?

Polyp­ipe make a hose con­nec­tion but say it is not suit­able for cen­tral heat­ing (house do­mes­tic I as­sume) but the fit­ting looks to be the same

QAPlas­tic pipe re­in­forc­ing in­serts tend to be un­re­li­able where com­pres­sion fit­tings are used on poly pipe. This may well ap­ply at the ra­di­a­tor con­nec­tions. If it does, my ad­vice would be to buy metal in­serts from a proper plumbers’ merchant.

If you can find a metal barbed hose con­nec­tor with a suit­able-sized fe­male thread, I think a poly tap con­nec­tor would do the job ( Screw­fix 64549 and sim­i­lar).

If you can­not find such a hose con­nec­tor then you can solder a 15mm York­shire straight con­nec­tor to a short length of 15mm pipe. The bumps on the out­side of the York­shire fit­ting act as barbs so the hose can­not work its way off once clipped and it pro­vides strength so the hose clip can­not de­form it.

I think poly fit­tings also work with cop­per pipe, so a fe­male 15 to 22mm cou­pler should do the job. If all else fails, you could use a com­pres­sion cou­pler with metal re­in­forc­ing insert in the plas­tic pipe..

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