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My boat has a BCS type TSL125 elec­tric bow thruster and the pro­pel­ler has bro­ken. Where can I ob­tain a new one and, more im­por­tantly, how do I re­place it? It seems the boat must be out of the wa­ter, or at least the tube above the wa­ter, and it would ap­pear the pro­pel­ler can only be ac­cessed via the tube; how would I re­move it?

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QBest prac­tice would have the bow thruster mo­tor fit­ted within a trunk (a bit like the weed hatch) so the whole as­sem­bly can be re­moved with the boat in the wa­ter. In some cases, the ease of a job and ac­cess trumps best prac­tice in boat build­ing so it’s likely you will have to get at least the bow clear of the wa­ter. It is also best prac­tice to fit grids on to the tube so de­bris can not be sucked into the prop. Th­ese may pre­vent you gain­ing ac­cess to the pro­pel­ler ex­ter­nally.

Aquafax (there are con­tacts on sell BCS bow thrusters,

Aso try giv­ing them a call. Some have a plate at the base of the mo­tor that is held on to the tube with nuts or bolts plus a gas­ket to seal it. The gas­ket might be stuck and re­quire a bit of ma­nip­u­la­tion to break the seal. The whole as­sem­bly should then lift out (with the tube clear of the wa­ter!).

I would ex­pect the prop to be se­cured with a spe­cial nut a bit like an out­board prop locked in place by a stain­less steel split pin. Nor­mally the prop will then slide off the splines. I would also ex­pect a rub­ber drive bush (or a metal sheer pin) to be be­tween the splines and the prop it­self. Th­ese bushes fail but there are spe­cial­ists who can re-bush such props.

Bolts and seal hold the mo­tor in place

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