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I have de­cided to re­place my old Mikuni MX40 heater for a new Mikuni Hy­dro 5. This was de­liv­ered with a plas­tic in­line fuel fil­ter. I know this isn’t ac­cept­able. Mikuni couldn’t of­fer a metal/glass al­ter­na­tive. Do you know if a suit­able fil­ter is avail­able? I feel that a fil­tered sup­ply must be bet­ter for the heater.

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QYou can use a plas­tic fil­ter bowl pro­vided it com­plies with the fol­low­ing BSS re­quire­ments: Sec­tion 12.2.2. Are all fuel fil­ters in­side en­gine spa­ces fire-re­sis­tant? Check all fuel fil­ters(in­clud­ing drain plugs) lo­cated in­side en­gine spa­ces are marked or recog­nised as fire-re­sis­tant. If not marked or recog­nised as be­ing suit­ably fire-re­sis­tant, ver­ify this by ex­am­in­ing any pre­sented dec­la­ra­tion from the man­u­fac­turer or sup­plier.

Fuel fil­ters (in­clud­ing drain plugs) lo­cated in­side en­gine spa­ces must have in­trin­sic fire re­sis­tance of at least 2.5 min­utes at 600C. NOTE all metal fuel fil­ters are ac­cepted as be­ing suf­fi­ciently fire re­sis­tant. NOTE fuel fil­ters marked with ISO 10088 are ac­cept­able.

So first see if the fil­ter bowl is so marked to com­ply with the above. If not, see if your sup­plier will pro­vide you with a doc­u­ment stat­ing that it com­plies with the BSS re­quire­ment, ei­ther ISO 10088 or re­sist­ing 600C for 2.5 min­utes. If it does not, see if it can be lo­cated ‘out­side the en­gine space’. I sus­pect the Mikuni fil­ter may well com­ply but you might have to ob­tain doc­u­men­tary proof.

If it re­ally isn’t suit­able, talk to a diesel equip­ment spe­cial­ist or chan­dlery.


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