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When I run my en­gine for five to six hours, the wa­ter is re­ally hot, but when I get up in the morn­ing, it is only warm. Could it be feed­ing back to the en­gine and thus cool­ing down? If so, how do I sort it out?

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QAYes, it cer­tainly could. There are a num­ber of ways to try to solve the prob­lem. The sim­plest is just swap­ping the pipes over on the calori­fier coil so the hot goes into the bot­tom of the coil.

You could fit a plumber’s non-re­turn valve in the hot line or re-pipe so the hot ‘into calori­fier’ pipe has at least a hor­i­zon­tal sec­tion at the calori­fier end or, bet­ter still, down­ward length of pipe run/hose run. In the lat­ter case, make sure that ei­ther no air can be trapped in the pipe or fit a bleed valve at the high­est point.

Make sure any spring (if there is one) in the NRV is very light be­cause the first two op­tions put a lit­tle more load on the en­gine wa­ter pump so cir­cu­la­tion might be com­pro­mised to some de­gree. If the hot take-off is in the cylin­der head and no sig­nif­i­cant by­pass pipework is fit­ted, then this is not such a ma­jor prob­lem but it would be if the take-off were on the skin tank side of the en­gine ther­mo­stat.

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