Get­ting a low flow? Check for any pipe kinks

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QHow can I im­prove the very slow hot wa­ter flow on my Elysian 27? In­stall a higher pres­sured pump? De-scale the (orig­i­nal) calori­fier?

ATyp­i­cal calori­fier scale would not af­fect the hot flow rate be­cause it would be on the out­side of the heat­ing coil, but would make it slow to heat.

It is prob­a­bly best not to fit a higher pres­sure pump un­less you can es­tab­lish the open­ing pres­sure of the Pres­sure Re­lief Valve ( PRV). Your wa­ter pump should be set to shut down at least 0.5 bar lower then the PRV.

If there is a non-re­turn valve close to the calori­fier cold wa­ter in­let, check this is not rusted or scaled up and the plunger/flap moves freely. Check no el­bows, bends or T-fit­tings are blocked with scale or rust, and any hoses or plas­tic pipes aren’t kinked or squashed. Make sure no hid­den valves are par­tially closed.

If you’ve checked all th­ese then, al­though this is a small boat, my guess is that the to­tal pipe run for the hot wa­ter is at least twice as long as the cold, caus­ing more fric­tion, which trans­lates to a lower flow. Con­sider in­creas­ing pipe size: I would want to see at least 15mm in­ter­nal di­am­e­ter; pos­si­bly 22mm for pump to calori­fier.

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