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Canal Boat - - Letters - LES MERRY,

I’VE MET AND shaken hands with the big cheese of the Canal & River Trust… yes, the man him­self, Mr Richard Parry.

We had an open day at the drained locks and new gates just above our moor­ing at Mountsor­rel on the River Soar, and low and be­hold, he ac­tu­ally came here. Haven’t quite got to the stage of call­ing him Dick yet, but it’s a start!

Con­trary to be­lief, he hasn’t got two heads and all the smiles you see on any pho­to­graphs are not down to plas­tic surgery or Bo­tox; he re­ally is a gen­uinely nice man who has time to lis­ten and takes your com­ments on board.

All the non be­liev­ers should re­ally give him a chance and a fair crack of the whip, af­ter all, he’s try­ing to help the wa­ter­ways the best he can, even if there are things that we see and he doesn’t that beg­gar be­lief of money wast­ing, but time will tell.

Ap­par­ently, close to 800 peo­ple went down into the lock, luck­ily not all at once.

So we now have new gates top and bot­tom and the man came to see us, mar­vel­lous.

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