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on to be First Min­is­ter of North­ern Ire­land. Lady Trim­ble is sim­i­larly used to grap­pling with is­sues and she served on the North­ern Ire­land Equal­i­ties Com­mis­sion.

The boat has been fin­ished off by Phill Ab­bot at Wharf House Nar­row­boats at Braun­ston bot­tom lock – which seems like a meet­ing of po­lit­i­cal minds be­cause his wife, Sue, once worked at 10 Down­ing Street, and for the Com­mons Speaker at the time, Bernard Weather­ill. This boat isn’t only in­ter­est­ing be­cause of the story be­hind its some­what dif­fi­cult and de­layed birth. It’s a fairly un­usual boat in its own right, be­ing a tug of just 52ft long.

“We’ve al­ways liked tugs,” says David Trim­ble, “and not just for the looks. My wife works the locks and a tug deck is very easy to get on and off from.”. The cou­ple’s pre­vi­ous boat was 60ft and they wanted to down­size some­what, too. On the out­side, this boat is in­stantly recog­nis­able as a Steve Hud­son boat, thanks to the trade­mark bow. Let’s not ar­gue about whether it’s a Josher or not, and just call it a Hud­son. Ei­ther way, it has an im­pres­sive solid stem post and is very curvy. It’s also quite long, which means you can get away with hav­ing a some­what shorter tug deck.

Steve Hud­son used to build his shells to dif­fer­ent lev­els of spec­i­fi­ca­tion and this isn’t one of the high­est level ones.

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