Col­lar­ing the chim­ney

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QI need to re­place the badly cor­roded col­lar on the roof of my Springer. How can I re­move the old one and seal the new one?


The chim­ney col­lar is more of­ten than not a very heavy chuck of cast iron, and although it may rust that’s likely to be su­per­fi­cial. Springers are get­ting on now and, be­ing a bud­get boat, may well have done some­thing a bit dif­fer­ent with the chim­ney. They could have even welded the stove pipe to the roof. Usu­ally, the col­lars are held into the roof by two bolts or studs. You might need ac­cess to the un­der­side of the roof to undo them.

I sealed mine with a bead of high tem­per­a­ture (stove) sil­i­con around the boss and one of the more nor­mal marine seal­ers over the rest of it. I used a Sika prod­uct, but there are sev­eral oth­ers.

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