How to get the hot run­ning well?

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QI’ve just bought a 1970 Elysian 27 and the hot wa­ter flow is very slow. Should I in­stall a higher pressured pump? Could the calori­fier need de-scal­ing?

Scale in the calori­fier would not af­fect the flow rate be­cause it would be on the out­side of the heat­ing coil, but it would ex­tend the time taken to heat the wa­ter.

AIt’s prob­a­bly best not to fit a higher pres­sure pump un­less you can es­tab­lish the open­ing pres­sure of the pres­sure re­lief valve that pro­tects the calori­fier.

My guess is the pipe run for the hot wa­ter from pump to calori­fier to tap is quite long. This is prob­a­bly caus­ing more fric­tion that trans­lates to a lower flow rate. Check the di­am­e­ter of the pipes and any hoses, I would want to see at least 15mm in­ter­nal di­am­e­ter and pos­si­bly in­crease the di­am­e­ter of the pump to calori­fier pipe to 22mm.

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