Lin­ing-out a sail­away

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There are no hard-and-fast rules, so it de­pends upon the depth of your pock­ets and whether you in­tend to hang any­thing on the lin­ing.

Thin ply is prob­a­bly okay for the roof as long as the fix­ing cen­tres are per­haps 450mm or less apart. The curve will help it keep its shape. I sus­pect you will want/ need to fix things to the cabin side above the

AI have just bought a sail­away, what thick­ness ply should I use for lin­ing it out? gun­wale, so 9 or 12mm there will give you some thick­ness for screws.

Be­low the gun­wales, use the same if you in­tend to fix ra­di­a­tors to it, if not you could get away with 6mm or less. If you know where any at­tach­ments will be, you could glue a re­in­forc­ing piece on the back of the ply.

Also, have you con­sid­ered the ther­mal in­su­la­tion, the need for a vapour bar­rier be­hind the ply and the need to en­sure the ply never comes into di­rect con­tact with any metal part of the boat struc­ture? If you use oak, re­mem­ber that iron/steel con­tact will pro­duce black stains so use brass screws.

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