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Well the sun came out at the week­end and so did the rather fool­ish boaters.

Episode one... one hire boat ap­pears go­ing flat out. In­stead of go­ing through the lock, they turned right to­wards the weir! Bad mis­take, so slam it in re­verse and go back... into the trees.

Then do a few shunts back­wards and for­wards and even­tu­ally go flat out again into a large tree stump on the far bank, un­for­tu­nately, mak­ing the per­son on the roof dis­ap­pear into the well deck as the boat rose up out of the water on im­pact. Well per­haps that per­son should not have been danc­ing on the roof at the time. But hey ho, they had fun!

Episode two... one lit­tle, no name, no num­ber, no li­cence yogurt pot with more than enough crew on board, came up through the lock. Must have been in a hurry be­cause they left the top gate's pad­dles and ground pad­dles open.

Trou­ble is, no-one else used the lock until they re­turned. So, in they came clos­ing the gate behind them and open­ing the pad­dles on the bot­tom gates. Guess what.... 45 min­utes later they where still wait­ing for the lock to empty, but, not to worry, the pub next to the lock was still open so time for an­other jar. Even­tu­ally, they twigged there was a prob­lem and stum­bled on the open pad­dles, per­haps even curs­ing the per­son who had left them open.

So even­tu­ally they ap­peared, leav­ing gates open and pad­dles raised and speed­ing past moored boats in their wake.

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