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AIf you have any boat­ing re­lated query, then our team of ex­perts on all things boat­ing are here to an­swer it EMAIL: ed­i­ WRITE TO I have a Ri­nai gas water heater which is no longer work­ing and would like to fit a calori­fier to re­place it. Where and how do I fit the pipes to the en­gine?

If this is a di­rect raw water cooled en­gine things are more com­pli­cated, but as­sum­ing that it is heat ex­changer or keel/tank cooled, this is a photo of a BMC 2.5 (and I know the BMC 2.2 is very sim­i­lar); both are likely to have been des­ig­nated Com­man­der.

The ar­row on the photo shows the po­si­tion of the hot take off that runs to the calori­fier. Your en­gine should have a hexagon headed plug behind the right-hand side of the rocker cover. This has to be re­moved and a pipe adap­tor fit­ted that matches the thread.

The re­turn from the calori­fier goes into the hose that is fit­ted to the en­gine water pump. This could be quite short or even an el­bow. Of­ten you can find hoses from older cars that have the re­quired T joint moulded in that can be cut to fit.

The cold re­turn can go any­where in the pipe that re­turns from the heat ex­changer or keel cooler to the en­gine water pump.

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