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QWe have a Waeco Cool­matic 12v fridge and when it reaches the right tem­per­a­ture, the com­pres­sor turns off, but not com­pletely in one go. It starts to shut down, then cy­cles up and down with each cy­cle getting shorter. It’s only sec­onds dur­ing each cy­cle until it turns off com­pletely, it also ap­pears to be noisy. Do you have any ideas?

ATONY REPLIES… Nor­mally prob­lems with the 12V com­pres­sor fridges are shown by a fault code. This may be in the form of beeps or a flash­ing light. One code (3 beeps/flashes) means low volt­age at the fridge but as you do not men­tion beeps or flashes, the fault is within the fridge.

Nor­mally the ther­mo­stat has a lar­gish dif­fer­ence be­tween turn off and turn on tem­per­a­ture so it should never os­cil­late on and off as yours seems to do. I sus­pect this may well be a prob­lem ther­mo­stat that needs re­plac­ing.

Noise from com­pres­sor fridges can be caused by part of them rest­ing against a bulk­head or some such but, once you rule that out, I think it could be lack of gas or mo­tor/com­pres­sor bear­ing fail­ure.

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