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A Beta 43 en­gine was an­other of Steve’s must-haves, be­cause of its re­li­a­bil­ity and ubiq­uity in canal boats. is also fit­ted with a Ve­tus bow thruster, although Steve says he plans to use it as in­fre­quently as pos­si­ble.

The type of bat­ter­ies fit­ted was also an area where he had strong views; he favoured trac­tion bat­ter­ies be­cause of their abil­ity to be dis­charged right down to 20 per­cent and their long life. So there are six two-volt cells pro­vid­ing 480Ah. For a 240-volt sup­ply, there’s a Vic­tron 3kW Mul­ti­plus in­verter-charger, while two so­lar pan­els on the roof should help

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