Will I have enough thrust?

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QI’m look­ing to re­place my two 85 amp hour bow thruster bat­ter­ies, but my lo­cal chan­dlery only does a 75 amp hour one. As­sum­ing they phys­i­cally fit, would there be any prob­lems by go­ing from 85 to 75?

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The loss of 20Ah of ca­pac­ity is not the prob­lem it might seem be­cause bow thruster run time should be strictly lim­ited to en­sure it does not over­heat.

For a given run time, you would be dis­charg­ing the new set more deeply than the old set so, in the­ory, it will use up their cyclic life more quickly. How­ever, sul­pha­tion usu­ally kills bat­ter­ies be­fore run­ning out of cyclic life.

If they are phys­i­cally smaller, you might have to pack the new set with pieces of wood to re­strict their move­ment.

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