‘One of our ques­tions deals with this for a Ve­tus, but the pro­ce­dure is sim­i­lar for other diesels’

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Tech­ni­cal Con­sul­tant If you’re new to diesel en­gines it’s im­por­tant not to run out of fuel. If you do, un­like a petrol car where you sim­ply put more fuel in the tank, you will have to purge or ‘bleed’ the air out of the fuel sys­tem of a boat diesel en­gine.

Many mod­ern diesels will ‘self-bleed’ (pump out any air drawn into the sys­tem from the tank) sim­ply by us­ing the starter (pro­vided the bat­tery is well charged), but older ones will not.

In these cases, the en­gine will have an elec­tric or man­ual fuel pump. This al­lows you to let all the air out of spe­cial screws on the fuel fil­ter and in­jec­tor pump. Then you need to slacken the main in­jec­tor pipes and spin the en­gine on the starter un­til fuel drips or spits out. One of our ques­tions this time deals with do­ing this on a Ve­tus en­gine, but the pro­ce­dure is sim­i­lar for other diesels.

Your en­gine man­ual will give you more in­for­ma­tion. Ideally, though, never let the fuel tank go be­low about six inches on a dip­stick.

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