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QThe thin coax­ial ca­ble lead­ing from the aerial to my Navman GPS set has been dis­con­nected from the unit and cut in the cabin some two feet from the unit. How can I make per­ma­nent con­nec­tions? A much thicker grade of coax­ial ca­ble can be fas­tened se­curely to the GPS – but how would I join coax­ial ca­bles of dif­fer­ent sizes?

Un­for­tu­nately, I spe­cialise in in­land boats where there is not usu­ally much call for GPS, but in re­ply to an al­most iden­ti­cal ques­tion on an on­line fo­rum, the sug­ges­tion was to sol­der the ca­ble ends to­gether.

Also, have a look here fplugs.htm be­cause they talk about spe­cial thin F-type plugs.

If the con­nec­tion on the Track­man unit and the aerial are F-type (which I think they are), then you might want to con­sider run­ning a com­plete new length of ca­ble: pos­si­bly try a good qual­ity 75 ohm TV aerial type ca­ble, but not the cheap sort with a cop­per-plated steel in­ner con­duc­tor.

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