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Canal Boat - - Back Cabin: - NICK REPLIES… MARK ROGERS, via email

QI some­times find that I can’t undo my moor­ing ropes, par­tic­u­larly on rivers if the wa­ter level drops and the rope has been wet. I have a bad back and can’t al­ways get the pins out when this hap­pens. Is there any sim­ple so­lu­tion?

AYes, there is; use an­other pin as a lever. Get an­other pin, put it through the ‘spare’ eye on the pin that’s in the ground at an an­gle of around 45 de­grees and then pull up­wards on one end while rest­ing the other end against the ground. You’ll find that the lever ef­fect makes it quite easy to get the re­cal­ci­trant pin out and then you can re­move the moor­ing rope. Don’t ‘tie’ a moor­ing rope to the pin, just take it through the eye with a cou­ple of loops and take it back to the T-stud.

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