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Canal Boat - - Back Cabin: - TONY REPLIES… ANDY OXLEY,

QWhen the flush but­ton on my Thet­ford C-200 toi­let is pressed there’s a small amount of wa­ter and then the con­trol fuse in­side the bowl hous­ing blows. There are no wa­ter leaks and the but­ton switch is in good or­der. A fel­low boater said it was the so­le­noid valve. How do I get at it?

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This is where YouTube can be a big help. Go to thet­ford-europe.com/ down­load-prod­uct/c200/ for a list of all the parts, then click on the white ar­row­head in the red box for a video re­lat­ing to chang­ing that part. It is called ‘Elec­tric Valve’.

You will need to gain ac­cess to the back of the toi­let, pos­si­bly by re­mov­ing the fix­ings and mov­ing it. Care­fully check in case wires have chafed or liq­uid has got into the electrics caus­ing a short cir­cuit.

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