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You can have a fishy on a lit­tle dishy – and it’s easy if you buy vac­uum-packed smoked mack­erel

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his mis­sus were on an­other chan­nel mak­ing their way around – via some nav­i­ga­tional is­sues – the Bri­tish isles In their Dutch Barge replica, The PrincessMatilda.

Tim and Pru are our favourites even though at times I wonder why Pru con­tin­ues to put up with that grumpy old Cap­tain of hers. If my Cap­tain treated me in such an un­car­ing way, he would quickly find him­self cruis­ing sin­gle-handed.

We have ev­ery em­pa­thy with Pru. Too many times to count I have gone up to a lock to make it ready, shut the gates and started to fill the lock when sud­denly, I wake up and re­alise that it was in our favour and all I had to do was leave the gates open. Like Pru, I have also tried to leave a moor­ing while still tied up to the bank and won­dered why the boat wasn’t obey­ing me.

It can all be very frus­trat­ing and the worst things al­ways hap­pen when there are crowds of peo­ple watch­ing, and the one thing that I’m try­ing to do is a pro­fes­sional job. The Cap­tain usu­ally does all the lock wheel­ing and I must say, he’s much more con­sid­er­ate than Tim and very pro­fes­sional to the steerer. As a team, I reckon we take a lot of beat­ing. Start off by putting the pasta on to cook in boil­ing salted wa­ter ac­cord­ing to the in­struc­tions on the packet.

Pour some olive oil into a large fry­ing pan and when it’s hot, add the onion, cour­gette, red pep­per and mack­erel – all of which have been pre-chopped into bite-sized pieces. Sea­son with salt and paper and add some fresh herbs if you have them, ei­ther rose­mary or basil.

Fry the onion and cour­gette un­til they are golden brown and then turn the pan to the low­est heat pos­si­ble to just keep it warm. Put a lid on the pan.

Quickly crack two eggs into a bowl, add the Greek yoghurt and the pre-grated Parme­san cheese and stir. Tip the egg mix into the fry­ing pan and give it a good stir around to in­cor­po­rate the cook­ing juices. Leave

Be­ing or­gan­ised and know­ing what you are up to ex­tends to the gal­ley, too, not just cruis­ing and I like to put as much ef­fort into our meals as the Cap­tain does on plan­ning our cruises. This month’s recipe is re­ally dif­fer­ent to the norm. It’s one for store cupboard in­gre­di­ents, easy on the bud­get and easy on wash­ing up, too, as it only uses two pans.

I don’t use fresh mack­erel, I use the ready to eat smoked fish, in sealed air Cry­ovac pack­ag­ing which gives raw and cooked meat a sig­nif­i­cantly longer shelf life – handy on a boat when you might not be near a shop for sev­eral days. You should find it in su­per­mar­ket chiller cab­i­nets.

‘Be­ing or­gan­ised ex­tends to the gal­ley and I like to put as much ef­fort into our meals as the Cap­tain does on plan­ning our cruises’

it to stand with the lid on for a few min­utes so the resid­ual heat in the pan cooks the egg.

Driz­zle some olive oil over your cooked pasta, add the pasta to the pan, stir in and serve on to hot plates with some crusty bread and gar­nish each plate with a few slices of lemon.

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