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WITH RE­GARD TO the ar­ti­cle on how much duty to pay on fuel ( CB, July), I used a much sim­pler method of cal­cu­la­tion when I had a boat. I noted the en­gine hours at the start and end of each year, en­abling me to cal­cu­late how long the en­gine had run in the year I also logged where I went, so I knew how far I’d gone that year I then cal­cu­lated how many hours I had been cruis­ing (as­sum­ing a con­ser­va­tive speed – say 2.5mph) I then cal­cu­lated the cruis­ing time as a per­cent­age of to­tal en­gine hours to give my propul­sion per­cent­age, which I used through­out the fol­low­ing year I car­ried copies of my cal­cu­la­tions to show the fuel ven­dor (gen­er­ally they weren’t in­ter­ested, though)

Although crude, it was sim­ple and gave some sup­port to my per­cent­age fig­ure, should it ever be chal­lenged (it wasn’t).

As boaters who tended to cruise rel­a­tively short dis­tances and then spend time look­ing around the town/vil­lage we’d reached, the cal­cu­la­tion re­sulted in quite a low propul­sion per­cent­age – typ­i­cally around 15%, which we rounded up to a 20: 80 split – still, a lot bet­ter than 60:40!

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