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QWhat ad­he­sive should I use to stick ce­ramic tiles to su­per-Isol cal­cium sil­i­cate board for a fire sur­round and plinth for a multi-fuel stove, and what should I grout the joints with?

AFor the sur­round: If it will not flex or vi­brate, I would use a bath­room/kitchen tile ad­he­sive. Oth­er­wise some swear by cork tile ad­he­sive, but I would use a polyurethane sealer ad­he­sive us­ing the five-blob method or some­thing like Marine­flex/ Sikaflex. I would use a wa­ter­proof, flex­i­ble grout but you still might need to rake out and re­place ev­ery few years if it falls out with vi­bra­tion.

For the plinth: it de­pends on what stan­dard the stove has been tested to. You might need con­crete slabs or con­crete cast into a mould built up from the base­plate to give a thick­ness of 225mm. See BS 8511. It all de­pends upon how much heat can ra­di­ate from the bot­tom of the stove.

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