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QI have a stain­less steel wa­ter tank un­der my front well deck, ac­cessed by re­mov­ing fur­ni­ture and the lower front bulk­head lin­ing. When the air is warm and the wa­ter cold, the tank sweats caus­ing mould in the ad­ja­cent cup­boards. I ro­tate a de­hu­mid­i­fier and the rooms are well ven­ti­lated. What is the best prod­uct and method for in­su­lat­ing the tank? Rock­wool?


: The tank sweats be­cause it is sur­rounded by warm damp air. Keep­ing the warm air away from it, and the ac­com­mo­da­tion bilge wa­ter-free, should min­imise this prob­lem – even more if you can fit ex­ter­nal vents to get air­flow through­out the bilge. Fit a vapour bar­rier be­hind the cabin lin­ing what­ever else you do.

The eas­i­est method would be to make card­board tem­plates for each flat sur­face of the tank to cut polystyrene sheets (say 25mm thick) glued to a dry tank with suit­able ad­he­sive. Make ei­ther the top sheet or the side sheets over­size so the side of one sheet butts up against the edge of the other. Tape the joints with alu­minium tape to com­plete the vapour bar­rier. Un­less you take the tank out, you will not be able to in­su­late the bot­tom.

Don’t just push Rock­wool into the cav­ity be­cause such prod­ucts can ab­sorb wa­ter. But if you can get some large poly­thene bags, fill them with Rock­wool, seal them and pack the void with them.

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