My boat whines in re­verse

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QI’ve had my boat a year and there is a whin­ing noise when re­verse is en­gaged on the Lis­ter LH150 gear­box. I have checked the oil lev­els and it all seems clean and vis­cous. The box is quiet in for­ward and neu­tral.

One thing con­fuses me: the Lis­ter hand­book states: “The ex­ter­nal ends of the re­verse gear op­er­at­ing shaft must be oiled fre­quently to pre­vent rust for­ma­tion that may stiffen the shaft. To lu­bri­cate the port side of the shaft, the lo­cat­ing screw should be re­moved and a few drops of oil pored down the hole.”

AIs it def­i­nitely the LH150 (pic­tured), not the me­chan­i­cal L100? If you have a sin­gle lever con­trol, it’s def­i­nitely an LH150 but the bit about the re­verse gear op­er­at­ing shaft seems to be for an L100 me­chan­i­cal box with a great big lever through the floor.

Are you sure it isn’t just nor­mal noise? The LH150 uses a sun gear and planet gears in a drum to pro­vide re­verse gear, and it’s a lot of mov­ing and mesh­ing gears, which will cre­ate a noise like you de­scribe. The bear­ings might be worn, but it all sounds nor­mal to me. Just make sure that you are us­ing SAE80 gear oil in the gear and re­duc­tion box, not en­gine oil or AFT. An LH150 im­plies a older boat, so con­sider the cost / ben­e­fit of strip­ping the box just to see if there are worn gears or bear­ings: even it there is wear, re­verse gear is not usu­ally used for long at any one time.

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