Why won’t my pump pump?

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QHav­ing re­moved the Shur­flow Model 200 drain pump from the shower unit to clear it of de­bris, it now runs but there is a lack of ‘suck’ on the in­let side. Any thoughts? BRIAN SAN­DERS, via email

ATONY REPLIES… Even if you are us­ing a strainer be­tween the shower and pump, in my view, this pump is un­suit­able for the task. It has three small di­aphragm pumps in­side, each with two even smaller valves, which jam open eas­ily (eg with a piece of hair).

A Whale Gulper shower pump, with just one very large di­aphragm and a pair of large vir­tu­ally self-clean­ing valves, should give you much more re­li­a­bil­ity.

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