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It’s bad news for other aquatic wildlife be­cause it starves it of oxy­gen, but could duck­weed on our canals be­come a new su­per­food for hu­mans? It cer­tainly grows quickly in the sum­mer – in just one week in July, the Canal & River Trust re­moved over 70 tonnes from Lon­don’s canals – and the weed is grown and eaten in south-east Asia. But al­though CRT wa­ter­way op­er­a­tive Tim Mul­li­gan, work­ing the weed­boat, jok­ingly sug­gested “it could be the next su­per­food craze”, the Wellcome Trust, which is re­search­ing the plant, says it is grown in very dif­fer­ent en­vi­ron­ments in Asia and peo­ple in the UK shouldn’t just help them­selves from their lo­cal canal. Mr Mul­li­gan added that canal users should also watch that their dogs don’t mis­take it for grass and try to walk on the weed.

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