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QI’m based in Ch­ester on the river Dee and bought a 1958 wooden boat last year. To­day a boat passed at speed, we started to pitch and roll and then I heard a loud clunk and, on en­gag­ing the en­gine, there was a loud rat­tle and clunk­ing. An ‘A bracket’ has bro­ken and the shaft seal has pulled. Where can I get a re­place­ment ‘A bracket’? DAVID EVANS, via email

ATONY REPLIES… It looks like a form of ‘P bracket’ rather than an ‘A bracket’ and there seems to be a piece miss­ing. I don’t think you can dis­miss the prob­lem as sim­ply ‘the shaft seal pulled’. I don’t think it is the shaft seal which will be inside the boat, I think it’s a rub­ber bear­ing from the P bracket and it should not have un­done it­self.

The nut be­tween the prop and the bracket should have some form of lock­ing de­vice so it can­not un­screw. The bear­ing might have been un­screwed for some time al­low­ing the prop to thrash the shaft about. This could work the bracket in/on the hull and con­trib­ute to the dam­age.

Look at the ‘arm’ hang­ing down at an an­gle, this would nor­mally ter­mi­nate in a flat plate that bolts through the bot­tom of the log (keel­son). It would all be in one cast­ing with a Cut­less shaft bear­ing. How­ever, that part of yours has two bolt holes in it that pre­sum­ably mate up with a pair in what­ever is fixed to the bot­tom of or inside the hull. If the parts screw to­gether, I would just bolt that arm back into place and again take care over lock­ing the threads.

If you Google ‘P bracket sup­pli­ers’ you will find a cou­ple of mak­ers, but it will not be cheap. Maybe Crowthers of Old­ham, Nor­ris of Isle­worth or Steel De­vel­op­ments at Mer­ton could give you a lead.

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