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QIn an emer­gency, if my cas­sette toi­let is full and I can’t get to a san­i­tary sta­tion is it okay to empty it dis­creetly un­der a hedgerow? ANONY­MOUS, via email

AMARTIN REPLIES… No, not un­der any cir­cum­stances – and the same ap­plies to tip­ping it into a canal or river. How­ever, in cases of des­per­a­tion and only if you are us­ing your toi­let with­out chem­i­cal ad­di­tives (such as El­san Blue), you could do what boaters did in the days be­fore san­i­tary sta­tions. Take a spade and find an ap­pro­pri­ate and safe place to dig a deep­ish hole, bury the con­tents and fill it in prop­erly. If on the other hand, you do use chem­i­cals, you will need to hold on un­til you can empty it in the proper place.

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