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QI’ve heard peo­ple make dis­parag­ing com­ments about an­odes, say­ing that they don’t re­ally work. Do they? JEFFRICE, from the CB web­site

ATONY REPLIES... Im­merse dis­sim­i­lar me­tals in an electrolyte (dirty or salt water) and they will form an elec­tri­cal cell. De­pend­ing upon which di­rec­tion the cur­rent flows in that cell, your hull will be eaten away. At­tach a more re­ac­tive metal (such as a zinc an­ode) to the hull or prop­shaft and that metal will be eaten away in pref­er­ence to some­thing more im­por­tant. Hence the use of an­odes. Yes, they work.

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