Cur­d­worth crud; En­emy Agents?; lock safety; how about a nar­row­boat cruiser?

Canal Boat - - Contents - NEIL BAR­NETT, via email

WHEN TRAV­EL­LING THROUGH the Cur­d­worth flight to­wards Faze­ley Junc­tion we came across Canal & River Trust vol­un­teers busily trim­ming the edges of the lock­side lawns.

Cred­itable work, of course, and aes­thet­i­cally pleas­ing for boaters and tow­path walk­ers alike. How­ever, just be­fore ar­riv­ing there we had ploughed our way through no end of lit­ter de­bris float­ing along the canal. Plas­tic bot­tles, poly­thene of vary­ing sizes and types, and even an un­rav­elled roll of black bin bags stretch­ing right across the canal.

While recog­nis­ing it’s good to keep lock­side lawns look­ing trim and neat, I would have much pre­ferred that some of the vol­un­teers had been de­ployed try­ing to rid the canal of at least some of the float­ing rub­bish to help pre­vent boaters hav­ing it around the pro­pel­ler.

I recog­nise that this task would be most ef­fec­tively car­ried out with the use of a small boat, which might not be avail­able, but surely a cou­ple of vol­un­teers walk­ing the tow­path from time to time armed with a long-han­dled lit­ter-picker, boathook or fish­ing net would man­age to re­move quite a lot of the float­ing de­bris within reach?

I know re­sources are lim­ited, in par­tic­u­lar with re­gard to the ac­quir­ing and de­ploy­ment of vol­un­teers, but surely this would be a more pro­duc­tive and ben­e­fi­cial use of their time.

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