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QI have just had my nar­row­boat re-painted and have con­flict­ing ad­vice: should I pol­ish it as soon as pos­si­ble, or leave it a month for it to har­den first? Please ad­vise quickly as the roof is get­ting a great deal of bird drop­pings... TURBO1948, via the CB web­site

ATONY REPLIES… Firstly, did the pain­ter give ad­vice, and if not, could you ask them? Sec­ondly, as long as you use plenty of wa­ter and a soft brush I can see no rea­son you should not wash the boat ev­ery day to get rid of the drop­pings.

If a sin­gle-pack paint was used, I would go with the ‘let it har­den for a while’ camp as it hard­ens by sol­vent evap­o­ra­tion so re­mains soft for a while. Two-pack paint hard­ens chem­i­cally so should be hard enough for pol­ish­ing within a day or two.

Most peo­ple now rec­om­mend a pol­ish us­ing car­banuba wax. Avoid ones with sil­i­cone be­cause they cause prob­lems with touch­ing up. Also, be aware that some pol­ishes con­tain a mild abra­sive to clean the ox­i­di­s­a­tion from the paint sur­face: good for old faded paint­work but not for new soft paint.

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