How do I catch the flue?

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QI am in­stalling a Hardy Ham­let 5 multi-fuel stove and want to use a twin-wall flue sys­tem. The only sys­tem I have seen for boats is the Morso sys­tem but this does not fit the col­lar on the Ham­let 5. Can you help? ANDY OX­LEY, via email

ATONY REPLIES… You don’t need a marine flue: any twin-wall should work. The Ham­let 5 only has a 102mm (4in) flue out­let, but the maker lists adapters to al­low stan­dard flues to be fit­ted. The Arada brochure lists 4in to 5in, 4in to 6in and 5in to 6in. Google ‘Stain­less twin-wall flue’ and a num­ber of likely hits will come up; Screw­fix and Tool­sta­tion sell twin-wall flue parts. It is un­likely that you can get a pre-made length of twin-wall flue to fit your boat, so you might need to do some cut­ting to fit the spig­ots for the stove and chim­ney col­lars.

Twin-wall flue is not manda­tory for boat use so, in the worst case, you could sur­round a length of sin­gle-wall flue with punched stain­less sheet, fit­ted so it stands off the flue.

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