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QI am re­plac­ing my old three-way fridge with a new 12-volt Waeco fridge. The ex­ist­ing sup­ply is through 8.5 sq mm, 60-amp wiring, which con­nected to the old fridge us­ing yel­low butt con­nec­tors (two wires from each, as it had a sep­a­rate in­ter­nal light sup­ply). The new fridge has much smaller wires. As I know the old butt con­nec­tor worked, I am tempted to strip the old wires com­ing from the butt con­nec­tor, twist them to­gether and make a con­nec­tion to the new fridge us­ing a ter­mi­nal block, but this seems a bit of a bodge. Is there a proper way to make this type of con­nec­tion?

ATONY REPLIES… When I did mine, I came to the con­clu­sion that the only re­li­able way to do this would be not to use a ‘choc block’ type con­nec­tor, but to thin the con­duc­tors so the ca­ble fit­ted into what­ever ter­mi­nal I needed to use. If you want to be re­ally fussy, you could thin it in two steps so the thin bit at the end fit­ted the con­duc­tor crimp and the thicker bit the in­su­la­tion crimp. I would try to get good qual­ity ter­mi­nals, with a metal fer­rule inside the plas­tic for the con­duc­tor crimp (if that’s the type of ter­mi­nal you use). Af­ter crimp­ing, I would slide a length of heat shrink over the whole thing and shrink it onto the ca­ble and ter­mi­nal.

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