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Q Will re­duc­ing the height of my Morso Squir­rel chimney from 23in to 18in af­fect the draw of the stove much?

HOOPER_TIM, via the CB web­site

A TONY REPLIES… A lot may de­pend upon whether the chimney is sin­gle- or dou­ble-skinned. If it’s dou­ble and you fill most of the void be­tween the two skins with ex­pand­ing foam, the in­ner chimney will re­main hot­ter and so will draw a lit­tle bet­ter. It will also de­pend upon how clean any wind flow is around the chimney. The higher it is above the boat the less tur­bu­lence you would get as the wind flows over the boat it­self.

My Brunel stove op­er­ates per­fectly hap­pily with a 12in twin­wall chimney, but in blus­tery weather can puff a lit­tle smoke out of the stove vents now and again. If you are cruis­ing then an 18in chimney makes life eas­ier but if you spend long pe­ri­ods tied up, the taller one might draw bet­ter.

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