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Q Can you sug­gest the best way that I can im­prove the look of my rear wooden doors?

TURBO1948, via the CB web­site

A TONY REPLIES… It de­pends on whether they are solid wood or ply­wood, which might be ve­neered. If they are not ve­neered they will prob­a­bly have been stained to match the sur­round­ing wood. With mod­ern ve­neered ply the ve­neer is very thin, and it is all too easy to sand or scrape right through to the wood un­der­neath.

I can’t see any wa­ter staining, so sus­pect sanding down to as fine a fin­ish as pos­si­ble with­out re­mov­ing the ve­neer and then ap­ply­ing sev­eral coats of var­nish might be the eas­i­est way. If you ex­pose bare wood or ve­neer, thin the first coat with 10% white spirit. A pro­fes­sional might scrape off the var­nish and top layer of lighter wood, but the mould­ings and pan­els would be dif­fi­cult, and if ve­neered, a scraper will al­most cer­tainly take the ve­neer off. The only other thing is to sand down, smooth and paint with a very light brown or off-cream colour.

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