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WHETHER THE SKY is clear or cloudy – or even if you stay in the warmth of your boat – SkyView will be your guide to the uni­verse.

The app uses the cam­era on your de­vice to lo­cate and iden­tify stars, con­stel­la­tions, plan­ets, gal­ax­ies and satel­lites, like the In­ter­na­tional Space Sta­tion and Hub­ble, as they pass over­head. You can also track the path of the

Sun and Moon or use the Time Travel fea­ture to see how the night sky looked in the past or how it will look in the fu­ture.

The free app doesn’t re­quire WiFi, so will still work on the most re­mote wa­ter­ways, and is avail­able on iOS and An­droid. Point your cam­era to the heav­ens and in­stantly be­come an ex­pert stargazer.

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