Canal Boat - - Boater’s Break -

Name a wa­ter­way that was re­stored from dere­lic­tion and re­opened:

Link­ing Scot­land’s coasts In­clud­ing the long­est tun­nel on the net­work

At the north­ern tip of York­shire’s wa­ter­ways In 1991, by the Duke of Kent In­clud­ing Bri­tain’s newest boat lift Open­ing up a route across the Fens Af­ter a bit­ter fight in­volv­ing ques­tions in the House of Lords Which crosses the Pen­nines via 91 locks In 1964, by the Queen Mother As the high­est point on the Grand Union Canal sys­tem

Fit your an­swers into the grid, so that the let­ters in the red box spell out an­other re­stored wa­ter­way

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