‘Any­one with an engine cam­belt needs to take special note: that will be a very ex­pen­sive re­pair’

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Here are some odds and ends I have picked up re­cently, start­ing with a boat that was eat­ing al­ter­na­tor belts. The bot­tom of the engine pul­ley was badly rusted while the vis­i­ble part was fine, and the rust was wear­ing the belt.

Any­one with an engine cam­belt needs to take special note: if a cam­belt sprocket goes rusty, not only will it wear the belt but the belt may stick to the rust and snap upon start up. That will be a very ex­pen­sive re­pair.

Sec­ondly, a boat that would not start turned out to have loose do­mes­tic bat­tery bank in­ter­link. This may seem odd, but the engine and do­mes­tic bat­ter­ies nor­mally share the thick neg­a­tive wiring so a poor con­nec­tion in one can af­fect the other.

Fi­nally a re­minder about win­ter. If you are not liv­ing aboard, drain down your wa­ter sys­tem and leave all the taps open. It is a good idea to re­move any shower mixers and shake them dry to pre­vent frost dam­age.

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