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I’VE JUST BEEN read­ing the Boaters’ Up­date from the Canal & River Trust about pass­ing moored boats. It’s an is­sue that won’t go away un­til the new gen­er­a­tion of boaters learn good man­ners and some old boaters are re-ed­u­cated.

I can­not see any rea­son for not slow­ing down, it is just lazi­ness and the fact that the speed­ers just don’t care. One thing I will bet on is that when they are moored, they don’t like it when it is done to them.

The main rea­son to slow down is that some­one in­side the boat who is out of sight could be do­ing some­thing pre­car­i­ous or car­ry­ing hot scald­ing drinks.

Cruis­ing on the Grand Union to Le­ices­ter this year, we were us­ing pil­ing pins. I had a pin pull the hor­i­zon­tal pil­ing out­wards at a join by a speeder, (more un­nec­es­sary main­te­nance for CRT). So next time you moan at bits stick­ing out and scratch­ing your boat, think how it hap­pened. One pin ac­tu­ally snapped be­cause of a fast boater who just smirked as he went by. It is just self­ish and bad be­hav­iour.

To some of these char­ac­ters it is a game but, in re­al­ity, it bor­ders on bul­ly­ing and in­tim­i­dat­ing be­hav­iour. With oth­ers, it is just im­pa­tience.

You’re not re­ally an adult un­til you have learnt pa­tience. Should we be al­low­ing in­fan­tile be­hav­iour to flour­ish? We cer­tainly should not al­low in­fants to be in con­trol of 20-ton ves­sels. STEVEN WIN­NING, via email

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