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QI read with in­ter­est the re­cent ar­ti­cle on fit­ting so­lar pan­els and was con­cerned to see that the wires sup­ply­ing the charge should be at­tached to op­po­site ends of the bat­tery bank.

When we had so­lar pan­els fit­ted to a bank of new 3 X 110Ah bat­ter­ies, the en­gi­neer wired the in­put from the so­lar to one end of the bank, and the in­put from the bat­tery charger to the other end along with the pos­i­tive out­put to the 12v sys­tem. I plan to move one of the so­lar in­put wires to the op­po­site end of the bank, but nei­ther of them will reach.

To ex­tend a wire on the so­lar in­put, will a ter­mi­nal block or sim­i­lar do, would sol­der­ing an ex­ten­sion be prefer­able, or will I have to re­place the whole length? Also, is it okay to con­nect the pos­i­tive from the so­lar to the same ter­mi­nal as the pos­i­tive from the bat­tery charger that is also con­nected to the pos­i­tive out to the 12v sys­tem?

TREVORW1, via email

ATONY REPLIES… It is not nec­es­sary to do any­thing right now, but put your en­gi­neer on your ‘do not use again’ list and try to rec­tify it be­fore next sum­mer. It is fine to con­nect things as you sug­gest, but if you have an am­me­ter be aware that the neg­a­tives both go to the side of the shunt fur­thest away from the bat­tery. That is on the same ter­mi­nal as the main charg­ing and do­mes­tic sup­ply ca­bles. Adding a new con­nec­tion in­tro­duces a small re­sis­tance and is not ideal. Solder is bet­ter than a ter­mi­nal block but needs skill and prac­tice (and I would use ad­he­sive heat shrink over it). The proper thing to do is to run new ca­bles from both the charger and so­lar con­troller. There should be fuses in the pos­i­tive leads close to the bat­tery, so you can prob­a­bly solve the is­sue for one cir­cuit by only re­new­ing the ca­ble be­tween fuse and bat­tery pos­i­tive.

The fuse will not pro­tect the new longer length so run it in some plas­tic sleev­ing, tube or hose.

As the wiring was left af­ter the so­lar pan­els were fit­ted

As it should be, to even out charge and dis­charge

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